A brand new free STEM careers resource

Get ready for a great career, is a brand-new, free STEM resource from Tomorrow’s Engineers Week for careers leaders and teachers all about inspiring your students and getting them to explore different STEM careers and the skills needed. 

The curriculum-linked lesson plan includes tips from real engineers, as well as ideas to help students take action and find out what they could be doing in the future to help solve some of the world's biggest issues.

New case studies introduce engineers with interesting and unusual careers. Each one shows how engineers make real, positive differences in the world and shares top tips for finding your own career inspiration. There’s also an activity sheet for students with a clear, five-step approach to help them build their growth mindset, get involved, explore their options and grab opportunities that build their skills, experience and qualifications. 

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Take the quiz and get ready to be inspired...

Ever wondered what an engineer does? Could you see yourself exploring outer space, protecting the environment, designing apps or developing cures for diseases?

Engineers do all this, and more! In a few short questions students can find out how their skills and passions could lead to an exciting job in engineering.